Jarvis, this was hardcore

dissabte, 28/05/2011 | General

Dear Jarvis, first of all, I just can say one thing: last night gig was superb. I have to write you in English. I know I am going to commit some mistakes, but I want you to understand what I have to say. You began your first Pulp concert in years with Do you remember the first time? I cannot remember it, because I didn’t see us nine years ago. But I remember many other first times. It was an excellent beginning: you wanted to show you were there, on stage, to bite. Not just a gig to make money, like many others do. And you didn’t choose Barcelona at random, you love this city. Not by chance, there is a club in Barcelona called Razzmatazz. It was your last song, the first and only bis, when you had already said goodbye with Common people dedicated to ‘indignados’. You said that it was not good to go abroad and talk about what is happening in a city that is not yours. But you have realized that hitting people who do nothing, despite sitting on the ground, it was not nice.

Is there any other band in the world who can begin a concert with Do you remember the first time? and end it with Common people? Not. Is there any other band in the world who can make people dance and become crazy with Disco 2000? “Voleu ballar?”, you asked. “Do you want to dance?”, you replied. Babies was great. And This is hardcore, a wonderful climax, after letting a guy to ask marriage to his girlfriend. Tears. And a special version of Sunrise.

Yes, at the beginning you said, Jarvis, that you were there to make history, not to remember it. Because your songs are as good as the better songs written ever. Your lyrics are poetry. You are the poet pop frontman of the best band in 25 years. Seeing you, listening to your band, I remembered last verses of W.H. Auden Aubade:

“But Time, the domain of Deeds,

calls for complex Grammar

with many Moods and Tenses,

and prime the Imperative.

We are free to choose our paths

but choose We must, no matter

where they lead, and the tales We

tell of the Past must be true.

Human Time is a City

where each inhabitant has

a political duty

nobody else can perform,

made cogent by Her Motto:

Listen, Mortals, Lest Ye Die.”

Time calls for a complex grammar, and something changed yesterday, because I am happy today. Thanks to you, and to Primavera Sound. This was hardcore, really.


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